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Inspect Before You Buy - The Power of Knowledge!

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We are educators about condition of your homes.

Welcome to A 2 Z Home Inspections inc. We are one of the oldest inspection companies in the Portland metro area. When we started there was about 20 inspection companies, now over 100, thus we have seen many inspection companies come and go from the industry. We have performed over 10,000 inspections.

We are NOT a franchise; we are a locally owned and operated inspection company. What makes us different is that we really have the experience to give you a good thorough inspection. We attend home inspector continuing education live classes  on a regular basis, (every three months). There is many of our competitors that do not do this and have not been doing inspections very long,  so don’t get stuck with a sub standard inspection or an inspector with little experience.

There are some inspectors out there that just finished an online course and now are legal to inspect your house. Also it is important to avoid an inspector that was working at a building supply store yesterday and now he / she is licensed to inspect your house, background and experience are the most important things to check for.  There is no substitute for how long a inspector has been actually doing inspections, and how many inspections he / she has performed.

We provide computer generated reports, with digital photos. Our reports are written with specific information about our findings in a narrative style report with a summary for added clarity and easy to understand reports...

–Easy to understand narrative reports–


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